The Isle of Wight

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Twelve things you probably didn't know about the Isle of Wight

1. When the dinosaurs lived here it had a tropical climate and was joined to the Mainland

2. Before the Romans arrived and called it 'Vectis' a Celtic clan lived here called the Durotriges

3.It is said that the Isle of Wight is England's smallest county until the tide goes out, then Rutland is the smallest county.

4. There is evidence of five Roman villas on the Island. One below the sea at Gurnard

5.The Isle of Wight became the last part of England to become Christian. It is said that the last missionary was eaten at a hamlet called Marks Corner, but the population was massacred and replaced by Christians in AD 686 according to Bede.

6 Nammits are eaten by caulkheads anywhen, and overners arrive from the North Island in grockle-cans watched by the nippers.

7.The Island has had its own flag officially since January 2009.                                  


8.King Charles 1 was imprisoned in Carisbrooke Castle until taken to London to be beheaded in 1641. The King had originally intended to flee to Jersey, but became lost in the New Forest and missed the boat.

9. The world's first radio station was set up by Marconi, at the Needles Battery

10.Red squirrels are flourishing on the island and there are no grey squirrels.

  1. Bob Dylan recorded live on the Isle of Wight the songs for the album Self Portrait,. "Like a Rolling Stone", "Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)", "Minstrel Boy", and "She Belongs to Me"

  2. The Yarmouth pier, the only pier in the country totally constructed of wood with metal fastenings, is being attacked by dribbles.